This Week 9 - 16 December 2018

 St Benedict'sSt Oswald'sSt Mary's
(Latin Mass)
Sunday 9 December
2nd Sunday of Advent (C)
Bible Sunday
10.30 am Mass

(Sat) 6.00 pm Vigil Mass
8.30 am Mass
3.30 pm Polish Mass
11.00 am Sung Mass
6.00 pm Low Mass
Monday7.30 pm Prayer Group12.10 pm Mass
Tuesday11.30 am Exposition
12.15 pm Mass
No 9.30 am Mass Today
9.30 Infant Christmas Production
2.00 pm Junior Christmas Production
12.10 pm Mass
Wednesday9.30 am Mass
2.00 pm Infant Christmas Production
6.00 pm Junior Christmas Production
12.10 pm Mass
2.00 pm Mass at Ryfields9.30 am Mass
7.30 pm Novena
12.10 pm Mass
12.00 noon Pastoral Area Mass
(at St Alban's)
6.45 pm Meditation
10.00 am Funeral Service
(John Glanville)
12.10 pm Mass

Saturday4.00 pm Slovak Mass
10.00 - 11.00 am Exposition
6.00 pm First Communion
Preparation Mass (2)
12.10 pm Mass
Sunday 16 December
3rd Sunday of Advent (C)
Gaudete Sunday
10.30 am First Communion
Preparation Mass (2)
8.30 am Mass
3.30 pm Polish Mass
6.30 pm Youth Alive Mass
11.00 am Sung Mass
6.00 pm Low Mass




This year’s Advent Collections will run until next Sunday, 16 December:

a) A ‘Caritas’ Collection – ‘Caritas’ is the Latin word for ‘charity’. Donations of money or tokens will be used to help those most in need in our community, i.e. providing the basics we take for granted for individuals and families who are struggling financially or in debt (e.g. food, clothing, bus fares for a month, Christmas presents for children, etc).

b) A ‘St Francis’ Collection – Dog and puppy, cat and kitten food, treats and toys to help Warrington Animal Welfare care for the enormous number of animals that are tragically abandoned over the Christmas period.

Thank you so much for your kindness.



The Annual Dementia Friendly Christmas Carol Service will take place in Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral on Friday 14 December at 2.00 pm with Archbishop Malcolm. The service will feature the students from St Benedict Catholic Primary School in Netherton and Holy Family Catholic Primary School, Liverpool, as well as the ‘Songs We Remember’ Choir. Refreshments will be served afterwards, and everyone is most welcome.



Animate, the Archdiocesan Youth Ministry, will be holding their Advent Youth Mass at St Oswald’s on Sunday 16 December at 6.30 pm. This Mass will be led by young people and is especially for young people, although everyone is welcome.



Each year, on the third Sunday of Advent, children and adults bring their Baby Jesus figures from their Crib at home to St Peter’s Square where the Pope blesses the figurines during the Angelus. Next weekend, we will celebrate this tradition known as ‘Bambinelli Sunday’. So you are invited to bring your Baby Jesus figure to Mass next weekend and Fr Dave will bless them.



Children in Year 4, who are preparing to celebrate First Communion next year, are invited to come to the 2nd Preparation Mass with their parents/carers next weekend:

St Oswald’s – Saturday 15 December at 6.00 pm
St Benedict’s – Sunday 16 December at 10.30 am

Parents: If you cannot attend one of the Masses next weekend, you must contact Fr Dave directly this week. Thank you.


There will be a Service of Reconciliation for the whole parish on Wednesday 19 December at 7.30 pm in St Oswald’s Church.


This year, we are providing a ‘Christmas Dinner’ on Christmas Day for those who would like a little company, individuals and families who are struggling, and anyone who would simply appreciate a hot meal on Christmas Day. The meal will be in the Sacristy Meeting Room at St Benedict’s, 12.00 – 2.00 pm. If you would like to come or if you are able to help in any way, please let Fr Dave know or phone Celia in the Parish Office. Thank you.



Christmas Eve (Monday 24 December)

4.00 pm           Slovak Christmas Mass at St Benedict’s
6.00 pm           Christmas Vigil Mass at St Oswald’s
8.00 pm           Polish Christmas Mass at St Oswald’s
11.30 pm         Midnight Mass at St Benedict’s

Christmas Day (Tuesday 25 December)

8.30 am           Christmas Dawn Mass at St Oswald’s
10.30 am         Christmas Day Mass at St Benedict’s
2.00 pm           Polish Christmas Mass at St Oswald’s

Please note:

1) The Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve at St Benedict’s will begin at 11.30 pm not Midnight.
2) Children are invited to bring a home-made birthday card for Jesus to the 6.00 pm Mass on Christmas Eve at St Oswald’s or the 10.30 am Mass on Christmas Day at St Benedict’s.


Please note: the Parish Office has a new email address:  This address replaces the one we have been using: Fr Dave’s personal email address remains the same:


On Tuesday 1 May 2018, the three parishes of St Benedict’s, St Mary’s and St Oswald’s merged into the new Parish of Blessed James Bell. The new parish incorporates three Churches (St Benedict’s, St Mary’s Shrine & St Oswald’s), two Catholic Primary Schools (St Benedict’s & St Oswald’s), two Parish Centres (St Benedict’s & St Oswald’s) and one Parish Office (based at St Benedict’s).


Fr Dave's Blog

Second Week of Advent

Second Thursday of Advent


“Into this world, this demented inn, in which there is absolutely no room for him at all, Christ comes uninvited. But because he cannot be at home in it, because he is out of place in it, and yet he must be in it, his place is with those others for whom there is no room. His place is with those who do not belong, who are rejected by power because they are regarded as weak, those who are discredited, who are denied the status of persons, tortured, exterminated. With those for whom there is no room, Christ is present in this world. He is mysteriously present in those for whom there seems to be nothing but the world at its worst.”

From an essay entitled, “The Time of the End Is the Time of No Room”, by Thomas Merton in Raids on the Unspeakable, pages 51-52 .

Second Wednesday of Advent


As we prepare for our Archdiocesan Synod in 2020, today let us pray:

Father, we thank you
for the love you have shown us
in the gift of Jesus, your Son.
We thank you for the gift of the Church,
through which you show us
that you are always with us
and are always at work in our lives.

As we journey together to Synod 2020
help us to become the Church that you are calling us to be.
May your Holy Spirit be powerfully
at work among us.
Strengthen each of us and guide Francis, our Pope
and Malcolm, our Archbishop.

Help us to respond
to the challenges of our times in new ways
to bring your love to all our sisters and brothers.
We make this prayer
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Blaise decided to join the Liturgy Group at their recent meeting preparing for the Synod which took place at St Benedict’s…


So far, she’s got more likes on Synod 2020’s Instagram than anyone else!

Second Tuesday of Advent

Another beautiful passage to ponder from the Advent Scriptures today.  God consoles his people who are in exile.  The passage concludes with the image of God as “a shepherd feeding his flock, gathering lambs in his arms, holding them against his breast”.


Isaiah 40: 1-11

‘Console my people, console them’
says your God.
‘Speak to the heart of Jerusalem
and call to her
that her time of service is ended,
that her sin is atoned for,
that she has received from the hand of the Lord
double punishment for all her crimes.’

A voice cries, ‘Prepare in the wilderness
a way for the Lord.
Make a straight highway for our God
across the desert.
Let every valley be filled in,
every mountain and hill be laid low.
Let every cliff become a plain,
and the ridges a valley;
then the glory of the Lord shall be revealed
and all mankind shall see it;
for the mouth of the Lord has spoken.’

A voice commands, ‘Cry!’
and I answered, ‘What shall I cry?’”
– ‘All flesh is grass
and its beauty like the wild flower’s.
The grass withers, the flower fades
when the breath of the Lord blows on them.
(The grass is without doubt the people.)
The grass withers, the flower fades,
but the word of our God remains for ever.’

Go up on a high mountain,
joyful messenger to Zion.
Shout with a loud voice,
joyful messenger to Jerusalem.
Shout without fear,
say to the towns of Judah,
‘Here is your God.’

Here is the Lord coming with power,
his arm subduing all things to him.
The prize of his victory is with him,
his trophies all go before him.
He is like a shepherd feeding his flock,
gathering lambs in his arms,
holding them against his breast
and leading to their rest the mother ewes.

Second Monday of Advent

Today, let’s take a moment to thank God for the beautiful gift of creation which he has entrusted to us.



Creator God, as we prepare for the coming of your Son,
we give thanks for the gift of creation.
We give thanks for its beauty
and the joy the beauty brings us.
We give thanks for light that shines in the darkness,
for the stars and the sun,
for the air we breathe
and the plants and animals that you have created,
for earth and water,
and for the daily sustenance we draw from them.

Inspire us to see you, Creator,
through all that you have created —
all that you look upon as very good.
Help us to care for creation as you instructed us.
Help us be stewards of its abundant life.

We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

(c) 2018 Global Catholic Climate Movement


Is there something little I could do today to show my appreciation for the gift of creation?  It might be picking up any litter I see as I go about the day, it might be taking care of a plant or tree I’ve neglected in the garden, it might be ensuring the animals in my garden or yard are safe and fed especially as the cold weather sets in, etc.

Fr Dave

Second Sunday of Advent (C)


As we begin the second week of our preparation for the great feast of Christmas, the Scriptures introduce us to one of the great characters of Advent, John the Baptist, who came to ‘prepare a way for the Lord’.

Gospel  (Luke 3: 1-6)

In the fifteenth year of Tiberius Caesar’s reign, when Pontius Pilate was governor of Judaea, Herod tetrarch of Galilee, his brother Philip tetrarch of the lands of Ituraea and Trachonitis, Lysanias tetrach of Abilene, during the pontificate of Annas and Caiaphas the word of God came to John son of Zechariah, in the wilderness. He went through the whole Jordan district proclaiming a baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins, as it is written in the book of the sayings of the prophet Isaiah:

A voice cries in the wilderness:
Prepare a way for the Lord,
make his paths straight.
Every valley will be filled in,
every mountain and hill be laid low,
winding ways will be straightened
and rough roads made smooth.
And all mankind shall see the salvation of God.


God of our salvation,
you straighten the winding ways of our hearts
and smooth the paths made rough by sin.
Make our conduct blameless,
keep our hearts watchful in holiness,
and bring to perfection the good you have begun in us.

We ask this through him whose coming is certain,
whose day draws near:
your Son, Jesus Christ,
who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
God, for ever and ever. Amen.

Gospel from ‘The Jerusalem Bible’ © 1966 by Darton Longman & Todd Ltd and Doubleday and Company Ltd. Prayer (c) 1997 International Commission on English in the Liturgy Corporation. All rights reserved.

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